You are Beautiful!
I call her the “Hair Whisperer” — just pure magic, artistry. Always amazed at how awesome her work is. – Elizabeth Nix

Jill is hands-down the best hair stylist I’ve ever been to!! She is extremely educated with this craft! I will miss her so much!! Last but not least, she is a crazy poodle lady just like me!! – Kathy Fry

Jill has an impeccable eye for style and creativity which translates into every aspect of her Salon. I have never loved the results as much as I do when Jill does my hair. The service she provides is top notch! – Barbara Clark

If you are looking for a hair stylist, your search is over. You will love Jill Shurling. Not only is she a great stylist she is a wonderful person. – Nancy Fuerst Belazi

Jill is “Edward Scissor Hands” with a unique approach and talent. She gets to know you and your hair and gives you a cut that matches your style and that you will gush over! My mother was a hairdresser and when you have been around it your whole life, you just KNOW when someone knows what they are doing when they pick up the hair brush. – Tracey Langford

Jill has been cutting and coloring my hair for more years now than I can count!!! Would never go anywhere else!!! – Jennifer Hopkins Faver

Jill is great at what she does. She’s a joy to know as well as doing a fabulous job with hair. She always responds promptly, doesn’t try to “sell” unnecessary products and gets you in and out in a timely fashion. She is simply the best!! – DeLise McCorkle

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